The Most Amazing Discovery

The Most Amazing Discovery
The most amazing discovery you can make in this lifetime is the discovery that you don't have to think to be yourself. There's another dimension in you that has nothing to do with thinking, but out of which thinking arises.
— Eckhart Tolle

We learn from Eckhart Tolle in Stop Overthinking that we can break free from the constant stream of thinking and find a deeper dimension within us.

Tolle tells us it's one of the most amazing discoveries we can make in this lifetime and that it's a "source of great power and aliveness."

I hadn't thought of it in those terms, but I would agree after reflecting on this concept and recounting all the changes it has brought about in my life and work.

Since first becoming aware of this deeper dimension in myself circa 2017, it has been a greater and greater source of power and aliveness for me.

I don't know how Tolle might describe this source of greater power and aliveness, but I can share how that has shown up for me.

Greater Power

Connecting or becoming more aware of our deeper dimension brings greater power because it helps us sideline our egos, fears, and other limitations that hold us back.

This helps us see things as they are, unaffected by personal biases or emotional reactions. This leads to better decision-making, greater resilience, and a feeling of empowerment.

I hope this isn't my ego speaking, but there is a profound sense of satisfaction and power when we do not react to people, news, and events that triggered us in the past.


I had to reflect on aliveness for a while to discern what Tolle meant by that and how it shows up for me. Our mind is calmer when we're in touch with the inner dimension.

We can then be more present and more receptive to whatever we are currently experiencing. Rather than being lost in thought or distracted by worries about the past or the future, we are tuned into what's actually happening right now.

Connecting to the Universal

Connecting to a deeper or universal mind where I can access knowledge beyond my mind seems to be the most impactful, or at least most visible way connecting to this deeper dimension has shown up for me.

It shows up primarily in my writing, where I admit that I don't know what I will write each week and start from a place of not knowing. I had no intention of writing a newsletter today. When I heard Tolle's quote, it immediately set this newsletter in motion.

In conclusion, connecting to our deeper dimension unlocks a profound reservoir of power, aliveness, and wisdom that can improve our lives and work in many ways. You might say it has revolutionized my work. The amazing thing is that is available to us all.

Is this deeper dimension within yourself the greatest discovery you can make?

Here’s to our journey to beyond boundaries.

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder @ LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces

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