Uncover What Is

Uncover What Is

Challenging our assumptions and discarding falsehoods can reveal truths, fostering personal growth, better decision-making, and authentic life experiences.

You uncover what is when you get rid of what isn't.
— R. Buckminster Fuller

In our workshops, we emphasize the importance of not just accepting things as they are presented but digging deeper, challenging assumptions, and working to uncover the underlying truth or reality.


Because when we uncover the truth and better perceive reality as it truly is, it can lead to:

  • better understanding
  • effective problem-solving
  • personal growth
  • improved decision-making
  • strengthened relationships
  • and ethical behavior

Uncovering the truth is a pathway to greater knowledge, clarity, and meaningful engagement with the world.

In essence, Fuller's statement suggests that truth or reality can be revealed by eliminating falsehoods or misconceptions.

Likewise, we accomplish the same thing when we engage in a process of inquiry and discovery grounded in reflection, dialogue, and critical thinking.

We also use simple graphic images featured in every article here at SpaceB to enhance the inquiry.

The images are intriguing because they are open to interpretation and spark interesting conversations, which enhances discovery.

Altogether, we better understand reality by continually questioning our assumptions, testing hypotheses, and discarding what is not true or useful.

It's a process of iterative refinement, always getting closer to the truth by removing what is false.

The wellspring of a discovery mindset

Today we published Episode 2 of the LeaderONE podcast in The Wellspring of a Discovery Mindset with special guest Gwen Kinsey.

I describe the LeaderONE podcast as more than just a podcast about leadership.

The podcast is intended to be an enlightening journey towards self-betterment—a beacon fostering courage, life change, and understanding leadership in our interconnected world.

It's about everything we focus on here at Space Beyond Boundaries.

In the podcast with Gwen, I offered the following observation:

The thing that was occurring to me since I did the work at Space Beyond Boundaries, I realized certain moments, events, and people have had such a huge influence on me. I don’t see many people discussing that in their journey. So I was coming at this [podcast] to try and uncover some of those key things from various leaders, especially leaders like yourself, who have had a big impact on my journey and just exploring that a little bit.

I believe Gwen helped us uncover a lot about the true nature of authentic leadership.

In this podcast, we threw away our prepared questions and uncovered authentic leadership, which prioritizes individuality, self-discovery, and personal growth while trumping prescriptive formulas.

Gwen says that by seeking to understand the ‘why’ behind our actions and nurturing our natural curiosity, we cultivate a leadership style that respects our unique journeys and encourages us to connect meaningfully with others.

Authenticity in leadership—rooted in continual learning, self-awareness, and sensitivity to our environment—yields more impactful results than relying solely on procedural knowledge or expertise.

The podcast is only 22 minutes long, but Gwen uncovers a lot for us. I hope you will take the time to listen to or read the podcast transcript.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on anything in this newsletter today and explore how we might uncover more of what is.

Here's to increasing our ability to uncover what is and creating a better life and world!

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder @ SpaceB, LeaderONE, and Forward Thinking Workplaces

P. S. This week's article was inspired by the work of Jack Butcher at Visualize Value. Jack is the master who taught someone with no design or drawing skills how to create the images I do here at Space Beyond Boundaries.