You are breaking down all the limits of what you have been told and you are being invited to move into a direct, personal experience of TRUTH - beyond previously conceived notions.
— Elyse Hope Killoran

It was almost exactly ten years ago to the day when my coach Elyse Hope Killoran shared her words of wisdom on TRUTH with me.

I had just shared a unique experience I had just had while doing a meditation, and she was helping me understand what it all meant. And quite frankly, what it all had to do with TRUTH made little sense to me then.

Now with ten years in the rearview mirror, I realize that my work has been less about the inner leader journey and more about greater and greater levels of discovering and unmasking TRUTH.

For some time, colleagues and others have been hinting at the same, but they and I have not had the insight to describe what it meant. That is now changing, and some clarity is emerging.

As a first step, I've updated the About page at SpaceB to reflect this new level of understanding and will write more about it in the coming weeks to share more.

My forway on TRUTH very much relates to my recent posts on Who am I? and Journey Beyond Yourself, which I will bring together in the coming weeks and months.

Here is an excerpt from the updated About page. I'd love to hear your feedback on the changes and the elevation of TRUTH in what we do here.


Here at SpaceB, I write about what I’ve learned on my inner journey to help you navigate today's world more easily and live a more conscious life and personal experience of TRUTH.

By enhancing our ability to look and listen within, we access greater awareness and creative power, live a life with more meaning, and be a force for the greater good.

I spent 30 years seeking greater and greater challenges and levels of responsibility in corporate America in search of the good life.

I chased all the good things society taught me to value—a coveted job, a bigger house, nice vacations, and shared my edited storybook life on Facebook.

In my career, I was proud of my reputation for productivity, performance, and getting things done—but for what and for whom?

When we seek more joy, happiness, and deeper meaning outside of ourselves, sooner or later, it leads to disappointment and feelings of not enough.

The inner path is the way forward in the 21st century.

When we explore the space beyond our boundaries, we start to break down all the limits of what we have been told and experience a more direct, personal experience of TRUTH.

At SpaceB, we undertake this exploration in six key areas:

  • Forward Thinking
  • Enlightened Leadership
  • Inner Awareness and Intuition
  • The Inner-leader Journey
  • Questions, Listening, and Dialogue
  • Understanding How the Mind Works

Forward Thinking Design and Narratives

My work features innovative, forward-thinking designs that make the invisible more visible and the immeasurable more tangible—helping you navigate today’s world with more insight and ease.

I’ll also share intriguing insights from my conversations with pioneering leaders. You’ll find my articles published in The Future of the Workplace, 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success, and the Cutter Business Technology Journal.

I invite you to join me on a journey to opening up new pathways, making better decisions, and being leaders of a better tomorrow from the inside out.

For a fuller introduction to our work, I invite you to read my latest article published in the Cutter Amplify journal: The 21st Century Team Member Is a Leader of One: Themselves.

To your inner journey & great success!

— Bill Fox (More about me at

P. S. My coach Elyse, shared a lot more with me that's quite profound (and probably impacts you too) that I will be sharing at our next monthly workshop on August 3, 2022. I hope you can join us and sign up here.

In addition to the monthly workshops, I will also launch new study groups in the fall. Learn more and please let me know your preferences here.