Time of Day

Time of Day

So often, we are racing from one thing to another, leaving little or no time to give anyone or even ourselves the time of day.

It's so powerful when we give people the time of day, and it's so rare that it happens!
— John Ryskowski

Time of day

It's early Thursday morning in Estonia as I write this message. This is the time of the week when my attention usually turns to what do I write about this week? And I got the usual response — a blank mind.

Next, I decided to turn my attention to my Twitter feed when I noticed this Tweet by Brian Gardner, an entrepreneur, influencer, and designer in the WordPress marketplace.

What a wonderful idea, I thought, which triggered me to recall a design I created almost two years ago but had not shared or written about yet.

Incidentally, Brian is also someone I have interviewed, and his interview is included in The Future of the Workplace. A preview of his interview, How to Be Intentional to Design an Authentic Life, is available here.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from my interview with Brian, which I believe relates to today's featured topic and which I try to embody here:

The more I focus on how many people it will reach, the less impact it has. The more I focus on how deep it will reach, the more impact it has.

Where it leads

During an online working session with my good friend and colleague John Ryskowski, John shared a story about how he had defused a tense situation between two employees by meeting with one of them one-on-one.

John recounted how he had simply met with this person to listen. He didn't bring up the situation or make it confrontational. He simply gave this person the time of day; that is all that was needed to resolve a difficult problem.

This, of course, led to the creation of the forward-thinking design featured in this article. Interestingly, it was John who gave me the time of day that resulted in the creation and the name of Space Beyond Boundaries.

Thank you, John. I'm forever grateful.

Give someone the time of day today and observe what happens.

— Bill

P. S. Do you have an idea or article you think would resonate with the readers of this newsletter? If so, I'd like to invite you to share and publish it on the SpaceB blog. Please reply or email bill@billfox.co to start a conversation. I'd love to give you and your idea the time of day.

Space Beyond Boundaries will help you discover the space beyond your boundaries by reprogramming and un-bounding your subconscious.
— John Ryskowski, Transformational Change Leader