The Real Problem

Industrial Age thinking and practices no longer fit in today's world.

The Real Problem
Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
— Carl Jung

It seems like almost every business-related article or book published in recent times reminds us how much the world has changed and how fast it's changing.

In fact, pick up any recent book having to do with business and you'll find complete chapters describing in excruciating detail what we already know.

Do we really need to be reminded?

No, we don't.

In fact, this focus on change is keeping us from focusing on the real problem.

Recently, the Cutter Consortium posted this update on social media with their reaction to my most recent article published in their Amplify journal:

What's the real problem?

Here's more on my take on the real problem:

"The real problem isn’t our tumultuous world, rapid change, and a global pandemic. The real problem is that we’re accustomed to living and working based on Industrial Age thinking and practices."

"When everything is changing so quickly, things like command-and-control leadership, managing change, best practices, working harder, or even working smarter are no longer enough. Worse, they keep us stuck in the past."

"We have been unknowingly programmed by our parents, schools, society, and the media on how to think, live, and work in a world that no longer exists. Today’s ever-changing world requires us to enter into a quest to transform ourselves and learn new ways of living and working together that elevate everyone."

Do you agree?

I invite you to reply and let me know what you think.

— Bill

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Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.
— Carl Jung