The Power of Thought

Our experience is created by the power of thought, not our circumstances.

The Power of Thought
Each one of us is always thinking and whatever we think we will experience. That’s where our experience comes from; it’s created from the power of thought. It’s not created by circumstance.
— Dicken Bettinger, The Future of the Workplace

The Power of Thought

Last week I published a survey to collect data for an article on Rethinking Teams in Tumultuous Times I'm writing for the journal Amplify, published by Cutter.

One of the more interesting observations I'm seeing is the wide range of responses submitted on thought and an understanding of how our minds work.

More and more people are getting this understanding, but the vast majority of the world does not. On the one hand, I already knew this, but on the other hand, what a difference it would make in the world if more people got this understanding.

Most of us are thinking whatever our circumstances are triggering us to think. It's a huge thing when we get this. Everything can change in an instant. The noise in our minds softens to a whisper or disappears altogether. We begin to see reality more as it truly is and act accordingly. Our relationships improve, and we become more creative.

When someone tries to cut you off in traffic, do you say, "That a**hole needs to wait in line just like I did for the last 20 minutes?" Or do you say, "Wow, he must have an emergency? I'm going to open space so that he can get in front of me." Do you let your unconscious habits choose your next thought, or do you consciously think a different thought? What you decide to think makes a big difference.

Because getting this distinction is so important, I decided to publish the best content from one of my interviews from The Future of the Workplace.

Dr. Dicken Bettinger is one of the world's leading authorities on thought and how our minds work. In What Is the Most Important but Least Recognized Variable in Business, Dr. Bettinger shares:

You’d be surprised, that one missing link—the role the power of thought plays in creating an experience—that one piece people are not very aware of, makes all the difference. It can help people wake up to the fact that they’re a thinker. How they think about things creates how they feel about things. People begin to realize that thinking is the source of their tension, stress, reactivity, and dissatisfaction.

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P. S. I'd love to get your input on the survey too, so I hope you will take a few minutes to let me know what you think.

The equivalent of external noise is the internal noise of thinking.
— Eckhart Tolle