Signposts Along the Road to No Thought

Signposts Along the Road to No Thought
The miracle is that in the space of no thought, you access the source of all knowledge, but it hasn't reached concepts yet. It's potential.
— Eckhart Tolle

Lately, the idea of no thought has been appearing more frequently in my world. I seem to be in a state of no thought upon which my work gets created more and more.

It's fascinating and exciting, yet sometimes a bit stressful. Will it really work this time? How can this really work? What's behind it?

This week I encountered this interesting quote from Eckhart Tolle that seemed to answer some of the questions I have been asking:

The miracle is that in the space of no thought, you access the source of all knowledge, but it hasn't reached concepts yet.

This statement was a captivating and thrilling idea to consider. At this point, it seems that this idea should have been obvious to me, but it wasn't.

Indeed, if this is true, why haven't we all been taught and known about this incredible phenomenon? Turn off our thinking, and we can access all knowledge. There are no words when you fathom the implications of such a case.

From where I stand, I believe this notion that we access all knowledge in the space of no thought is true. It's become my home. It's where I like to hang out more and more.

However, I also realize that getting closer and more comfortable with this space of no thought has been a journey. There have been many signposts along the road.

We get caught up seeking wisdom and insights from others

Six years ago, I had my first notable encounter with the space of no thought while watching a TedX talk by Michael Neil.

In his talk, Michael introduced The Three Principles of Thought, Mind, and Consciousness, which caused me to experience an internal shift that I really didn't understand.

However, I did know that something significant and meaningful had changed forever. The best way I can describe the experience was it was like someone had turned down the volume control in my head. A persistent noise level that had been there all along was now gone.

That really got my attention. I wanted to know more — a lot more. One of the first books I read was Michael Neill's book The Inside-Out Revolution.

Here is one of the most intriguing ideas that I spent a lot of time pondering:

Rather than trying to make room for a new philosophy to be poured in by an ‘expert’ in this field or that, the point of emptying our mind is so that it can be filled with insight from the natural intelligence that exists beyond our thinking.

I found this perspective rather interesting because it had become my work and business more or less to uncover insights and wisdom from influential business and thought leaders.

I began to wonder. Is it possible for each of us to more fully tap into our own source of more profound knowledge and wisdom?

Now I see the value of listening to myself and others without anything on my mind. When I allow myself to be receptive, there is wisdom available somewhere beyond the boundaries of my own experience.

What has been your experience?

— Bill

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When you allow deeper wisdom to come through you, that deeper wisdom inevitably comes through.
— Michael Neill, The Inside-Out Revolution