Points of Leverage

Where do you look to spot points of leverage that cause fundamental and lasting change to occur?

Points of Leverage
A big aspect of leadership is the leader's ability to spot points of leverage and cause fundamental and lasting change to occur.
— Claude Cloutier, The Consciousness Quotient

Points of Leverage

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Claude Cloutier for Forward Thinking Workplaces and speak with him about his fascinating book, The Consciousness Quotient. Claude is the President, CEO, and Founder at XtremeEDA

When speaking with authors, one of my favorite activities is to dig deeper on some of the most intriguing ideas I find in the book.

In this case, I asked Claude if he would talk more about his thinking and ideas on leadership and leverage points.

"A big aspect of leadership is the leader's ability to spot points of leverage and cause fundamental and lasting change to occur."

Claude then pointed to systems thinking as an area rich in opportunities to leverage to cause real and lasting change.

"Part of it starts with systems thinking. When you go back to Senge's systems thinking and Donna Meadow's work on leverage points, you begin to recognize that you can shift the system at different levels of intervention, particularly, for instance, organizational culture."

What points of leverage would you identify?

But then something interesting happened. Claude got back to me after our conversation ended with some reflections on his response.

"I was thinking about my answer regarding systems thinking. How I answered is once again an indication of how our western trained minds influence unconsciously. That is our orientation to think of the system as external to us - subject-object. I would add that points of leverage, as usually discussed, are externalized that way. I want to add that the highest point of leverage is us/inside us - so it touches on beliefs."

I'm just as guilty as Claude. I, too, began my search for answers by looking outside of myself. Some of my initial thoughts included bringing in new perspectives, developing the leadership capacity in others, and organizational culture.

After my follow-up conversation with Claude, I created the updated design below:

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The highest point of leverage is inside us

The best way I know to remind ourselves that our highest point of leverage is inside of us is to be part of a community where we remind each other and deepen the journey.

In January of 2022, a new monthly workshop begins that will help you discover the space beyond your boundaries. Together, we will enhance our ability to look and listen within where we access greater awareness and creative power to shape our world and be a force for good.

The monthly workshop occurs on the 1st Wednesday of every month beginning January 2022.

Each month we will cover a topic within one of the six categories. Here is the current schedule for the first half of 2022:

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I invite you to join me in a journey in discovering the space beyond your boundaries. The inner path is the way forward in the 21st century.

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To your inner journey & space beyond!

— Bill

When you have deep self-awareness, you realize that the most important point of leverage is yourself. How are you going to be in the moment? What decision are you going to make in this context? Are you going to engage with curiosity or judgment? Are you going to engage with love or with negative behavior? Are you going to try and stay open? Or are you going to try to be in control?
— Claude Cloutier, The Consciousness Quotient