Jump Out of the Zombie Box

Jump Out of the Zombie Box

We came together to do a radio show. Several conversations later, Jump Out of The Zombie Box popped out! We didn’t set out to do it, it just happened. By not trying or pushing, we were open; we became channels, and something new emerged. — Ann Kelly, ReachYourPotential.co

Jump Out of the Zombie Box

Nine years ago, Coach Ann Kelly brought us together to talk about an interview she would be doing for Irish Public Radio. Ann was curious if we might want to participate in the interview, so we met to discuss possible topics.

We never settled on a topic but co-created a series of fun and exciting projects we never expected.

By not trying or pushing, we were open; we became channels, and something new emerged.

The idea for Jump Out of the Zombie Box was hands down the most interesting and exciting project that resulted from our discussions.

We launched a new website, a logo, and a series of Jump Out of the Zombie Box cards!

Download the PDF with five cards at outofzombiebox.com (email required)

New cards and a new workshop for our times

I was reminded of our experience with the Out of Zombie Box project because we conducted a SpaceB workshop for Ann Kelly and her team of coaches today.

While we are just officially getting started conducting workshops with the cards, I was reminded again today how powerful and useful attendees are finding the experience.

Suppose you are curious and would like to explore participating in a group workshop that will help you explore the space beyond your boundaries. In that case, I'd encourage taking advantage of this special offer we are making now.

We want to make this experience available to anyone who feels called to engage with us without barriers. Since we are introducing this work to a larger audience for the first time, we value getting more feedback and experience working with them.

Hence, we will offer two tracks:

Track 1: Subscribers who join Track 1 can attend the monthly workshop session for free. This session will run on the first Tuesday of each month at 11 AM US Eastern time. We will offer an option to donate, but there is no expectation of payment.

Track 2: Subscribers who would like to engage more fully can sign up to receive the following:

  • Monthly Workshop Session (1 hr)
  • Monthly Workshop Support Session (1 hr)
  • Free copy of the SpaceB virtual cards (50+ cards)
  • Monthly ($59), Six Month Series ($299)

We hope you will use this unique opportunity to join us during the premier SpaceB and LeaderONE workshops rollout!

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder at SpaceB, LeaderONE, and Forward Thinking Workplaces