It's Not Okay

Reflections on how well we are living, working, and getting along in today's world and make it more okay.

It's Not Okay
What are we supposed to do to be ok through this. Because none of it is ok.
— Brian R. post on LinkedIn

This past week I discovered a thought-provoking post (below) from Brian R. in my LinkedIn feed. Please take a few moments to read it.

What did you think?

Does your day follow a similar routine? I imagine most of us would find that this list feels right at home in our world too.

Now the most important question: Are you "ok" with everything? Or not?

What are we supposed to do?

I'm always a bit guarded about responding to posts like this because oftentimes open dialogue is not welcomed. And sometimes, a response can trigger many others to respond. The conversation becomes almost impossible to follow in the LinkedIn app.

Nonetheless, I decided that Brian's closing was an invitation to respond. I then wondered, what could I say that would be simple, direct, and pragmatic in a way that people could actually use?

Here was my reply:

Thanks for this post, Brian R. This is how I used to live my life, and it's insane.

Here are three things I have to share that have helped me write a new script.

1. If we understood that 99% of our lives are running on autopilot based on our conditioning, what would we do about it? This is how we start to jump out of the zombie box. (See Who Is Leading Our Lives.)

2. What would change if we asked, is there space in this relationship in all our interactions with others? This is how we make our interactions with others more harmonious and begin to change the collective unconsciousness that's creating the insanity in the world. (See The Most Vital Question.)

3. How would we show up differently if we understood that thoughts come and go just like clouds in the sky? This is how we begin to be less reactive, tap into wisdom, and take right action by listening to our unconditioned mind. (See The Power of Thought.)

Making it Okay

At our most recent SpaceB workshop, we discussed Brian's list. Out of that discussion, one of the attendees shared a recent letter he had written in response to the recent school shootings in the USA:

It was titled, A Letter from Satan:

View online at

We all agreed that it was a powerful letter and decided to collaborate over the next few days to publish it online and start sharing it.

If you believe the letter can help change minds and move people to right action, we hope you will share it too.

Together, we can make it okay.

— Bill

P. S. If you'd like to update your state of being, behaviors, and actions for today's world, please consider joining us at our next workshop on July 6, 2022. Sign up here.

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