Inquiry Driven Self

Inquiry Driven Self

Inquiry Driven Self illuminates the transformative power of introspective questions in reshaping our understanding of self and the workplace.

The question you’re in also creates a context and gives a trajectory of where we will go. It’s going to influence what line of thinking and actions we will take.
— Dianne Collins, Do You Quantum Think?

Thirteen years ago, when I was faced with the disappointing aftermath of yet another fleeting corporate change project that was undone by changes in leadership, I found myself grappling with a simple yet powerful question that would ultimately spark my transformative journey in both personal and professional realms: "What can I do to change this?"

It's hard to believe. I never imagined such a simple question would launch me on this journey. Perhaps more than the question itself was the intention and passion it triggered.

The search for a more profound understanding of self has been an intrinsic part of humanity’s story, and the quest to understand what motivates, inspires and challenges us in the workplace is a more recent but equally compelling chapter.

There is a rapidly growing recognition that the paradigms of old - leadership, organization, innovation, and the very nature of work - are shifting. In the wake of these shifts, I asked, “What is the most important question we should ask ourselves?”

In a previous interview series, 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success, I pursued a quest to unravel the essence of meaningful and lasting transformation by asking leading experts, "What is your best process improvement strategy?"

I interviewed leaders and practitioners with a shared aspiration for bettering their organizations. Yet, many of their responses transcended the realm of process improvement. They highlighted trust, reflection, leadership, and understanding the status quo, moving the conversation into a deeper, more philosophical space.

After 50 enlightening interviews, I realized I was participating in a transformative journey that would reshape my understanding of organizational change and redefine my perspective on myself and the world around me.

The dialogues I shared with these leaders and the introspection they prompted brought about an inner evolution, honing my listening skills and fine-tuning my ability to respond effectively to circumstances.

This personal transformation equipped me to facilitate a fresh, expansive dialogue wherein participants felt safer and more open to sharing profound insights.

Recognizing the lack of such space in most workplaces, I felt a compelling need to embark on a new series of interviews driven by questions that delved into the heart of the workplace experience, human aspirations, and the quintessential relationship between leaders and employees. The responses to these questions have been nothing short of enlightening, sparking a worldwide conversation with over 80 pioneering business and thought leaders.

With this book, Inquiry Driven Self, I share this evolving conversation with you, presenting a collection of powerful questions and the profound wisdom they have unearthed. From asking, “What wants to happen?” to “Why are we here on Earth?” these inquiries offer a fresh perspective on pursuing success and fulfillment in the workplace.

Ultimately, this book aims to empower readers to ask transformative questions in their own lives, fostering forward-thinking leadership and innovative workplaces that reflect the changing dynamics of the 21st century because it's not merely the answers that shape our lives but the questions we dare to ask.

As Dianne Collins aptly said, "The question you’re in also creates a context and gives a trajectory of where we will go. It’s going to influence what line of thinking and actions we will take."

With Inquiry Driven Self, we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, inviting you to ask new questions, contemplate their implications, and redefine your trajectory.

Welcome to this unfolding narrative of transformation and introspection. Welcome to the world of Inquiry Driven Self.

Inquiry Driven Self is now available on Amazon for the Kindle and paperback.

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder @LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces

Inquiry Driven Self