Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

Learn how to join our upcoming workshop on Forward Thinking in May 2023!

Forward Thinking

Forward-thinking involves thinking, planning, and actions that consider the future as well as the present. In today’s fast-changing world, the future is already here. We need to look beyond traditional ways of living and working based on Industrial Age thinking and practices.

Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking will be the theme and focus for the workshops and training beginning in May 2023. It's only fitting that this is where we begin because this is where the direction for this work was set in 2016.

After moving to Tallinn in 2016, it was an opportunity to make a fresh start on my work and focus on this new beginning. One of the resources I consulted was How to Fascinate by Sally Hogshead.

Sally was a very successful brand strategist in her roles working with top corporate brands. She realized her unique approach would be very helpful to people in defining their own personal and professional brands.

I really liked her approach that uncovers the essence of what you do that other people find fascinating. After working through her exercises and online resources, it was evident that my number one brand statement involved forward thinking.

People were most fascinated with my ability to always bring forward new ideas that resulted in improvements and a better future. Until this time, I had never brought these ideas together around the idea of forward thinking, but I liked the idea and decided to go with it.

Hence, when I started my new interview series, it was called Exploring Forward Thinking Workplaces. The idea has been with me ever since.

An invitation

In several past newsletters, I've mentioned how valuable people are finding the workshops that have featured the SpaceB cards.

We want to make this experience available to anyone who feels called to engage with us without barriers. Since we are introducing this work to a larger audience for the first time, we value getting more feedback and experience working with them.

Hence, we will offer two tracks:

Track 1: Subscribers who join Track 1 can attend the monthly workshop session for free. This session will run on the first Tuesday of each month at 11 AM US Eastern time. We will offer an option to donate, but there is no expectation of payment.

Track 2: Subscribers who would like to engage more fully can sign up to receive the following:

  • Monthly Workshop Session (1 hr)
  • Monthly Workshop Support Session (1 hr)
  • Access to the Forward Thinking Online Training (17 lessons)
  • Free copy of the SpaceB virtual cards (50+ cards)
  • Monthly ($59), Six Month Series ($299)

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to join us during the premier SpaceB and LeaderONE workshops and training rollout!

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder at SpaceB, LeaderONE, and Forward Thinking Workplaces