Elevate Your Journey with a SpaceB Premium Membership

Elevate Your Journey with a SpaceB Premium Membership

Today, I am excited to introduce an opportunity to upgrade your SpaceB experience. As a valued member of our SpaceB community, your participation and input have been pivotal to our growth. Many of you have been with us since the beginning almost four years ago.

Introducing Our Revised Premium Membership

We're making some changes to SpaceB's premium features, enhancing the value and impact of our offerings. At our monthly sessions this past year, we noted that many members seek more personalized support and an opportunity to interact with like-minded innovators.

This evolution is crafted to align with those needs and provide you with deeper insights and more meaningful content, aligning with your personal and professional growth journey.

Why Choose Premium?

  • Personalized and Community Support: Monthly opportunities designed to help you connect, collaborate, and grow with like-minded innovators. 
  • Inner Growth Weekly: Dive into our weekly newsletter with inspiring content. Each edition showcases a unique graphic design and shares my personal transformative encounters with ideas, people, or experiences that have profoundly reshaped my perspective. It's designed to spark and nurture your journey of inner transformation.
  • Exclusive Interactive Workshops: Quarterly opportunities to engage in workshops that resonate with your needs for growth and development.

Membership Tiers: Special Pricing for Members Only Until January 31, 2024

Free Tier:

  • Monthly newsletter

Basic Membership - $95/year or $10/month:

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Access to all member content
  • Monthly Virtual Gatherings: Connect, collaborate, and grow with like-minded Innovators. Join one or both of our monthly 1-hour support calls, scheduled at varying times to suit different schedules and time zones. We’ll poll members to find the most convenient days and times for everyone.

Professional Membership - $195/year or $19/month:

  • Includes all Basic benefits above
  • Plus Quarterly LeaderONE Workshops. Participate in a transformative LeaderONE Workshop held every quarter for SpaceB members. These workshops are designed to propel your leadership journey, equipping you with visionary growth strategies and skills to thrive in the future.)

Join us in this premium journey and elevate your professional and personal development. Choose the SpaceB membership that suits you best and embark on a path to greater insights and evolution.

We're playing a different kind of game here – think of it as a '300-Year Game.' It's not about quick wins or viral trends. It's about creating something timeless that echoes far into the future.

At SpaceB, we're not chasing immediate applause. We're building a community where every member contributes to a legacy – ideas that matter not just now but for centuries to come. It's about depth, not just breadth.

Think about it: What will your legacy be? What will you create that will stand the test of time? This isn't just another subscription; it's an invitation to be part of something bigger, something lasting.

So, if you're ready to make your mark, a mark that lasts well beyond our years, join us. Let's shape the future together, one idea, one conversation, one creation at a time.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or wish to discuss how this change benefits you.

This isn't just a subscription; it's an investment in your growth and our shared future.

Looking forward to continuing this journey with you,

— Bill

Bill Fox 
Connect with me: LinkedIn | billfox.co
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