Care What You Think

Care What You Think

We are exploring launching a new book study group in the fall. Please take our survey to let us know your interests.

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.
— Rudi (Swami Vivekananda)

The newsletter this week is going to be a little different. A few things came together from different directions, so I'm going to share something new with you that I'd like to introduce.

However, I will launch this new series only if there's enough interest. I'll include a link to a short survey at the end, so you can let me know.

In December of 2020, I wrote about the passing of my friend and mentor, Norman Bodek, in Extraordinary People. Norman was a very successful author, publisher, speaker, and entrepreneur. He was affectionately known as the Godfather of Lean for his leading role in introducing the Western world to modern Japanese management practices.

You may not know that Norman is one of a handful of people who encouraged and guided me behind the scenes to do the work that became Space Beyond Boundaries.

Here is an excerpt from one of the last emails that Norman sent to me before he died. He sent this email in response to my post, Powerful Listening, which he did for many of my posts.

‌             ‌

Great Bill.

My teacher Rudi said:

  1. The mind is the slayer of the soul.
  2. The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

My problem is understanding the difference between thoughts and intuition. I know Jimny Cricket is always there to help, but he talks very softly.

I will send you a copy of my new book, CEO Coaching: How to grow without limits by Kazuyoshi Hisano. Read carefully and then we can discuss. It is brilliant.


‌‌Norman encouraged me to gather people into study groups to talk about the books and people who influenced me. The other thing that Norman liked and encouraged me to do more of was to create more insight presentations. It was Norman's idea to include beautiful pictures of nature that I have in every presentation.

The insight presentations I create from the interviews at Forward Thinking Workplaces are very popular with visitors. Here's a recent example at 13 Forward Thinking Insights on the Power of Multiple Perspectives.

I have also created insight presentations highlighting the most intriguing insights from some of the most exciting and impactful books I have ever read. I have not shared these presentations widely. Here's an example from Turning the Pyramid Upside Down.

When I read the last email that Norman sent me, it immediately triggered the idea that it was time to bring these ideas together and begin a new series of insight and book study sessions.

Take the Survey

What I'm envisioning is a group that meets periodically online (from once a week to monthly) to discuss the insights from any number of influential books and interviews. Several recommendations are listed in the survey.

Participation in the groups would be available to any member at the free, backer, or sponsor levels. The sessions would be designed, so people can come and go as their interests and schedules dictate.  

Thanks in advance for taking the short survey! It will only take a minute or two to fill out.

— Bill

P. S. In a recent newsletter, I referenced the book The Untethered Soul. View the insight presentation I'm creating for this book here.