Another Kind of Success

We live in a world today that submerges us in living the good life and chasing economic success that will ultimately leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Another Kind of Success
We wanted students to experience their inner wisdom and authority and the connection they had with all beings—another kind of success altogether.
— Michael Ray, Professor Emeritus, Stanford Graduate Business School

Jim Collins, the author of the widely acclaimed book, Good to Great, shares a funny story about his first day of class while attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Jim is attending the Creativity in Business course taught by professors Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers.

Collins recounts that after an awkward opening period of silence, Rochelle rose to speak. She's wearing a long flowing muumuu and said to the class in almost a whisper, "You are about to embark on a ten-week journey to discover your deepest inner essence."

Collins then shares how he immediately began flipping through the course catalog to look for a replacement!

That story made me laugh because I remember having a similar experience. One semester I enrolled in a course in modern dance, not knowing what I was signing up for. I was starting to feel uncomfortable when I realized I was the only male in the class.

Then it was all over when the instructor showed us some basic movements and told us to add our creativity. Creativity in modern dance was way beyond my boundaries!

But fortunately for Jim Collins and the world, the Creativity in Business course was the first step for Collins in "finding and pursuing with courage and perseverance one's highest goal."

What is the highest goal?

According to Michael Ray, "Your highest goal is something that is always there for you beyond the ordinary definition of success."

We live in a world today that submerges us in living the good life and chasing economic success that will ultimately leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled.

But you can find something more and live a great life.

"One that changes the world and the lives of those around you for the better. You can live from the highest goal."‌

What is your highest goal?

I suspect that if you are a reader of my newsletter, you are likely well on the path to living or moving toward your highest goal.

In my experience, it's not something you ultimately define and that's it. Collins and Ray both describe it as a lifelong journey in The Highest Goal.

I believe my journey to the highest goal began as a way for me to bring my connection to my highest goal into my work and our organizations. More and more and over time, this has evolved to include my life and the world.

Here at SpaceB, I see my work as helping myself and others live more fully from our inner knowing to create a world that works for everyone.

What is your highest goal?

Feel free to email me or share your thoughts in the comments below.

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— Bill

What did you find most intriguing?

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