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By enhancing our ability to look and listen within, we access greater awareness and creative power to shape our world and be a force for good.
— Bill Fox, Space Beyond Boundaries

Hi and welcome. I’m Bill Fox.

In today’s fast-changing world, the future is already here. And increasingly, it’s unexpectedly different than we’d planned or imagined — even just yesterday!

Our world has shifted, and now new rules apply. It used to be you would win by managing change, following best practices, working harder, or even smarter. It was the age of Industrial Thinking and people as profit-producing units.

Now you move forward with new questions, synchronicity, and one mind to allow the collective voice, wisdom, and energy of everyone to emerge for the benefit of all. It’s the age of Forward Thinking and allowing people to be themselves.

Figure 1. 11 key shifts that resulted from my inside-out journey.

My writing, workshops, and consulting feature innovative visual designs that make the invisible more visible and the immeasurable more tangible — helping you navigate today’s world with more insight and ease.

I’ll also share intriguing insights from my conversations with pioneering leaders. You’ll find them published in The Future of the Workplace, 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success, and the Cutter Business Technology Journal.

In Space Beyond Boundaries (coming in 2022), I share and write about what I’ve learned on my inner leader journey to help you navigate this new world and the shift that’s underway.

I invite you to join me on a journey from the inside out to opening up new pathways, making better decisions, and being leaders of a better tomorrow — today!

To your forward-thinking life & success!

— Bill Fox

Synchronicity (the inner path of leadership) is the path we all must follow in the 21st century.
— Dee Hock, Founder and CEO Emeritus, Visa International